New Orleans is known for its music, its food, and of course Mardi Gras. It is a city that you can go to and have fun, no matter what time of the day or night you go. The food that you find there is like no other place on earth. It is the perfect blend of all the cultures that used to call it home. From the Spanish to the French all the food has its own flare and spice. The culture is born of necessity. Most of the settlers were immigrants with little to no resources. Which is where the food comes in. Everything that can be caught, will be caught, and eaten. If they couldn’t catch it or grow it then they really did not eat it. Maybe that’s why it is so spicy, gotta hide the taste somewhere, right. No, not seriously. The food is delicious. Just remember to carry an antacid with you if you aren’t used to it.

Modern Day

The food has only gotten better. Walking down Main Street, Freeport you are sucked in by the enticing aromas of all the delicacies. The jambalaya, the gumbo, and beignets it simply cannot be beat. Everywhere you go, every restaurant you come across, has their spin to the classics. Swimming with all kinds of seafood, from shrimp and crawfish to alligator, you can find anything you could ever want. The beignets are something you really do not find anywhere else. They are fried pastry goodness


Okay I think that is enough about food. You cannot discuss Freeport, Main street, New Orleans, or even Louisiana without talking about the incredible music. The jazz fusion is the perfect blend of folk stories and roots music. It tells a story of the people. It is all about the toe tapping, head bobbing, body moving music. You simply cannot listen to music without moving around. It vibrates through your soul. The words mean something. They change your thinking, you do not just listen to it, it is a feeling. Walking down the street you can hear it pouring out of the bars, live and over the loud speakers. You pick your bar by how the music sucks you in, the food just keeps you in place.

Just So You Know

It does not matter how much you had to eat, what you are drinking, or how late you are staying out. The city is laid out so that you can walk to where every you want to go. After all , safety always comes first. If you do choose to get in a car, you can pick from as many cabs as you can bars. It is a city for adults. And while you are there discover one of those amazing walking tours that will tell you everything you didn’t know you wanted to know.

Hotel and Motels are on pretty much every corner. When you do finally decide it is time to rest your head, you can do so within steps. You can find your favorite hotel, or start out there, and feel safe and secure. It is a city that you go to for those one of a kind experiences. The reason that you go visit is because you create the experience that you desire, the memories that are unique to you.